What's behind every extraordinary company? An awesome team!

Learn how to be a better leader so that you can build a better team!
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Leading a team is hard, don't go it alone!

Build Better Teams started because learning how to grow and lead an inspired software development team was very difficult and at times, extremely lonely for its creator, Calvin.  Leading without the tools, tactics, and skills to lead effectively left Calvin learning on the fly, something so many new leaders face today!  This approach leads to poor decision making, bad team experience, negative business impact, and personal career limitations when you're learning on the go. You learn a lot but it's not without consequences!

After spending the past decade learning how to lead anything from cross-functional Agile teams to large, 100+ person organizations with layers of complexity, Calvin created a place to help people be better leaders so that they can build better teams!

With Build Better Teams, you are no longer by yourself to figure out how to do the hard parts of leadership that no one tells you about. Instead, we are cultivating a community of leaders who aspire to master their leadership abilities, and help their team and business thrive by sharing stories, tools, and best practices to help them grow!

Learn foundational leadership skills!

  1. Have valuable one on ones
  2. Get and give real feedback
  3. Set, communicate, and manage expectations with your team
  4. Manage team operations
  5. Attract and retain talent
  6. Coach the wrong talent out

Develop your leadership core!

  1. Establish your leadership compass
  2. Identify your leadership philosophy
  3. Understand your leadership mindset
  4. Listen and learn from other leaders and hear about their leadership core

Build a Better Team!

  1. Develop people and grow your team
  2. Ensure your team is fulfilled and setup for success
  3. Create a sustainable culture and environment
  4. Build a self-led team that's inspired and makes an impact!

Level-up your leadership, follow Build Better Teams!

Rarely, leaders are not taught  how to do any of this and you're left learning on the fly!

There's nothing wrong with this approach but it can be painful as you make a few stumbles, both for you but more importantly, for the people you are responsible for leading. Their careers are in your hands, invest in becoming a better leader so that you can Build a Better Team!

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Meet the creator of Build Better Teams!

Calvin is the creator of BuildBetterTeams.org, a writer, speaker, and a Technology Leader in the FinTech industry. He is passionate about leadership and learned that transitioning from doing to leading is a tough task. Even harder, growing a large-scale team where everyone knows their role, works collaboratively, executes, and has fun, can feel impossible. That’s why he created Build Better Teams, a space to help others be better leaders so that they can build better teams!